Tools for Corpus Linguistics

A hopefully comprehensive list of currently 280 tools used in corpus compilation and analysis.

This list is kept up to date by its users. Hence, please feel free to contribute by suggesting new tools.

You can also make suggestions, e.g., corrections, regarding individual tools by clicking the symbol. As this is a non-commercial side (side, side) project, checking and incorporating updates usually takes some time.

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Top 25 Tags

All Tags
concordancer 47
annotation 43
visualization 29
tagging 20
text analysis 20
pos tagger 18
wordlists 16
statistics 12
compilation 11
keywords 11
collocation 10
qda 10
readability 8
lexis 8
parser 8
tokenizer 8
frequency analysis 7
language learning 6
analysis 6
web-based 6
mixed methods 6
spoken 6
crawler 5
language teaching 5
xml 5

There is also a comprehensive list of all tags in the database.

Tools [pos tagger]

Tool Description Tags Platforms Pricing
almaneser / SALTA Semantic Parser and PoS Tagger for Englishparser, pos tagger, taggingFree (with licence agreement)
AntCLAWSGUI Front-end interface for CLAWS taggerpos tagger, taggingWindowsFree
BFSU Stanford PoS Tagger (Light) A GUI for the Standford PoS taggerpos tagger, taggingWindowsFree
CLAWS PoS-Tagger The CLAWS part-of-speech tagger.pos tagger, taggingWebVia licence or in-house tagging at Lancaster
DisMo An automatic multi-level annotator for spoken language corpora.spoken, multilevel, multi-layer, pos tagger, annotation, tagging
SoMeWeTa A part-of-speech tagger with support for domain adaptation and external resources.tagging, pos, pos taggerLinux, Mac, WindowsFree, Open Source
Stanford Log-linear POS Tagger PoS Tagger (with Penn Treebank Tagset) for English, Arabic, Chinese, Germanpos tagger, taggingFree
TagAnt Part-of-speech tagging tool built on Tree Taggerpos tagger, taggingWindows, Mac, LinuxFree
Textanz Language analysis program that produces frequency lists, word lists, parts of speech tags.wordlists, concordancer, pos tagger, dictionaryAny OSFree, Open Source
The Simple PoS Tagger A simply PoS-tagger utilizing Perl Lingua::EN:Taggerpos tagger, taggingWindowsFree
TigerSearch Tool for searching syntactically and PoS-tagged corporasearch tool, pos taggerFree
TnT - Thorsten Brants's PoS Tagger A simple PoS-Taggerpos tagger, tagger, taggingWindows/UnixAvailable via Stanford
TreeTagger Tool for annotating text with part-of-speech and lemma informationpos tagger, annotationWindows, Mac, LinuxFree
Tweet NLP Tweet tokenizer, PoS Tagger, hierarchical word clusters, and a dependency parser for tweets, along with annotated corpora and web-based annotation tools. Clusters: pos tagger, tokenizer, parserFree
UralicNLP NLP tools (primarily) for Uralic languagesuralic, parser, pos tagger, tagging, inflection, morphological taggerLinux, Mac, WindowsFree
Wmatrix Tool for corpus analysis and comparison. Provides access to CLAWS and USAS.wordlists, concordancer, pos tagger, semantic tagger, keywords, web-basedWeb£50 per username per year
YACSI Chinese Tokeniser / PoS Tagger A Chinese tokenizer and PoS taggerchinese, tokenizer, pos taggerWindowsFree
Word Frequency Analyser A web-based tool for analyzing word frequencies that also produces frequency charts and word clouds.pos tagger, tokenizer, lemmatizer, frequency analysisWebFree

Last Updated: May 20, 2024.

In case you are interested, the data is also available in JSON format.