Tools for Corpus Linguistics

A hopefully comprehensive list of currently 280 tools used in corpus compilation and analysis.

This list is kept up to date by its users. Hence, please feel free to contribute by suggesting new tools.

You can also make suggestions, e.g., corrections, regarding individual tools by clicking the symbol. As this is a non-commercial side (side, side) project, checking and incorporating updates usually takes some time.

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Top 25 Tags

All Tags
concordancer 47
annotation 43
visualization 29
tagging 20
text analysis 20
pos tagger 18
wordlists 16
statistics 12
compilation 11
keywords 11
collocation 10
qda 10
readability 8
lexis 8
parser 8
tokenizer 8
frequency analysis 7
language learning 6
analysis 6
web-based 6
mixed methods 6
spoken 6
crawler 5
language teaching 5
xml 5

There is also a comprehensive list of all tags in the database.

Tools [text analysis]

Tool Description Tags Platforms Pricing
AntCorGen A freeware discipline-specific corpus creation tool.compilation, text analysisWindows, Mac, LinuxFree
AntGram A freeware n-gram and p-frame (open-slot n-gram) generation tool.text analysis, n-grams, p-frames, lexical bundles, lexical framesWindows, Mac, LinuxFree
AntMover Tool for text structure (moves) analysistext analysisWindowsFree
Bow Statistical Language Modeling, Text Retrieval, Classification and Clusteringtext analysisUNIX, LinuxFree
Chared Tool for detecting the character encoding of a texttext analysisPython 2.6 or laterFree
CorpusExplorer A complex corpus analysis toolkit combining 45 interactive tools.visualization, exploration, tagging, text analysisWindowsFree, Open Source
Corpustools An R package for managing, querying, and analyzing texts.text analysis, RRFree, Open Source
DocuScope A tool for computer-aided rhetorical anyalysisrhetorical analysis, text analysis, visualizationWindows (Java)Free
Online Graded Text Editor Tool for profiling a text's vocabulary level and complexitytext analysis, editing, vocabularyOSX, WindowsFree
pysupersensetagger Analyses texts for MWE and supersenses.text analysisUnix, Mac (Python)Free
QDA Miner A commercial QDA tool for coding, annotating, retrieving and analyzing collections of documents and images.qda, mixed methods, text analysisWindowsCommercial
QualCoder QualCoder is free, open source software for qualitative data analysis.qda, text analysisLinux, Mac, WindowsFree, Open Source
Sketch Engine A corpus manager and text analysis software developed by Lexical Computing.annotation, concordancer, tagging, sampling, search, visualization, wordlists, keywords, compilation, text analysis, n-grams, collocation, statistics, segmentation, analysis, crawler, parallel, colligation, annotations, tokenization, query, ngrams, boilerplate remover, comparison, frequency analysis, information retrieval, data, sentence boundary, corpus creation, duplicate remover, regex, thesaurus, meta modelling, dictionary, text-processing, xml, frequency, trends patterns, web-based, collocates, collocation analysis, word cloud, coocurence, KWIC, corpus management, multilingual, NLP, diachronic analysis, term extraction, keyword extraction, bilingual term extraction30-day free trial then starts at 4.83 €/month
Stylo for R Tool for computational stylistic analysis (authorship attribution, genre analysis)text analysisFree
The Text Feature Analyser A tool for investigating textual features and various meassurestext analysis, concordancerWindowsFree
TXM XML & TEI compatible text analysis software based on TreeTagger, the CQP search engine and the R statistical environment.text analysis, concordancer, r, statistics, search tool, tokenizer, xmlWindows,Mac,Linux,TomcatFree
Voyant Tools A web-based reading/analysis toolkit for digital texts.reading, text analysis, visualization, trends patternsWebFree, Open Source
FLAX FLAX (Flexible Language Acquisition) is a set of tools and applications to automate the production and delivery of interactive digital language collections.language learning, language teaching, text analysisJava, MoodleFree, Open Source
Orange Data Mining An open source machine learning and data visualization platform based on workflows.text analysis, visualization, time seriesWindows, Unix, Linux, MacFree, Open Source
Wordless An Integrated corpus tool With multilingual support for the study of language, literature, and translation.concordancer, text analysis, statistics, readabilityWindows, Mac, Linux, PythonFree, Open Source

Last Updated: February 29, 2024.

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